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About the Fallen Branch

In the depression era and earlier, there were many people who were very poor.   Those who were musically inclined could not afford to buy instruments to play.   They used whatever they could find, a box, a piece of wood, a length of wire, etc and they made their own.   Many of these instruments were Diddley Bows (a one stringed guitar).   Ellis Mcdaniel learned on one of these and took his stage name (Bo Diddly) from it.   He and others invented and developed the Blues genre and were very instrumental in the transition from there to rock + roll.

I like to think of my diddley bows and guitars as a tribute to the folks of that time and the contribution that they made to music and culture.

Each one is one of a kind, and I strive to make them both beautiful aesthetically, and fun and easy to play.

I make my furniture from fallen branches (hence the name) and dead trees.  I do not cut any live trees for that purpose (my wife is the Lorax personified).   Every piece I make is one of a kind and my aim is to make them visually beautiful, functionally sound, and durable so that they can be enjoyed and passed down through generations of your family.   

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