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"those folks started with nothing and made beautiful music"

I've been making rustic furniture, carvings, etc for most of my life, but I always had a keen interest in the stringed musical instruments.  A few years ago I saw a video of someone playing a guitar made from a license plate.  I thought to myself, I could make one of those, and my newest obsession was born.  All of my creations are hand made by me and each is one of a kind.  

I see my guitars as a tribute to the people back in the depression era and earlier who had nothing, and could afford nothing.  They used whatever they could find, a box, some fence wire, a lumber yard slat etc. and they made their own instruments.  Those folks started with nothing and made beautiful music.  They invented the blues genre and became some of our most beloved musicians.

I don't cut any live trees to make my furniture.  I use standing dead timber and fallen branches etc (hence the name).   As with my guitars, each piece is made individually by hand with love in hope that they can be enjoyed in your family for generations. 

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